// Cards.//

Go ahead. All in. I see your funds have been building over the last hour. Are you watching though?? The time is now. Seriously. Your surroundings are speaking. And this time it seems to be heavy. I’ve been on the sidelines watching your moves and they have been close the entire game. Sure. You could’ve doubled down here and there. Split a hand or two. But there is no way of knowing that next card. Unless. You’ve been listening. Nothing is different. That lady is still bitching at her man that lost a couple hundred at that machine no more than 50 feet from where you sit.

Its easy. She is putting out key words. And the game on the tv. They are in extra innings. A runner just stole third. Do you really think luck is what pays out my black chips every-time I sit down at that table. I’m listening. It’s not luck. There is something else here but I have to hold my tongue. Dealer flips the last card. Your royal flush would have made a killing. Who taught you to play cards?? Surely it couldn’t have been me. I don’t play cards. I’m busy talking to a dime. That striped skirt. Polka dot shirt and push up bra that would have the attention of Brad Pitt in a heart beat. Once you were to understand the consciousness this room conveys you’d understand her interest in me. We have almost nothing in common. I am no lady killer but it seems my hand has all the right cards. It pays to be a dealer.